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Moving to Cyprus: A New Chapter

Moving to Cyprus: A New Chapter

As a person who lived in Russia for almost 9 years, I could confidently say by January 2022 that things were not going to get better in the country. As the 9th anniversary of my immigration to Russia approached, I was not happy for completing 9 years in the country. On the contrary, I was terrified that the 10th anniversary would come, and I would still be there. Having considered everything I came to like and dislike about Russia, I decided to take the next step in my life and move to Cyprus.

Why move out of Russia?

Even before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, I was already feeling unhappy, for several reasons, the main of them being you see snow from October through April, or even May, in St. Petersburg’s case. I had already been thinking it was time for a change of scenery when I heard about new rules for immigrants that were going to make my life there even more complicated. Add this to the fact that, even in January, Russia was already building up its forces around Ukraine, and it’s an easy choice to move out.

Due to my experience in the financial markets, I managed to get a job in Cyprus and relocate to the island. I don’t regret moving when I did because as I got my residence permit here, the war started to unfold in Ukraine. It was a really lucky move at the rightest of times.

What to Know About Cyprus?

Cyprus is a little island on the Mediterranean Sea, in between Turkey, Egypt and Syria. It is also a great country concerning living standards, and it's the sunniest country in the European Union. I think I have mentioned that already.

One of the best things about this country is that it is a great option for digital nomads. The local government offers permanent tourist visas for those who have resources to maintain themselves from abroad. If you are well into F.I.R.E. and are considering moving to a sunnier country with great living standards and amazing beaches, Cyprus is certainly an option to consider.

This small island is also known for having lots of financial services companies, such as forex and stocks brokers, as well as online payment companies. Perhaps for this same reason, it's also the favorite country of Russian millionaires. You'll be surprised to find out that there are many Russians living here. Unfortunately, there have been a few scandals that rocked the island, such as some cases of corruption and sale of passports. Though damning for the government’s reputation, it’s unlikely to affect your everyday life. It certainly has not affected mine.

Cyprus is also renowned for its wines. Even though it’s a small island, there are beautiful mountains where local wine sorts grow. The food is also great around here, and there are numerous villages with small taverns that serve the best food you’ll find.

Not all is rosy on the island, though. Cyprus is still dealing with the consequences of ethnic divisions and a Turkish invasion that left the country politically divided between the south Greek part, known and internationally recognized as the Republic of Cyprus, and the north Turkish part, which is only recognized by Turkey.

For today, that's all. I just wanted to let you all know I'm still alive and well, and hadn't written that much since I was either preparing to move or moving, or looking for apartments, or settling in, etc. Perhaps I should write an article about that later.

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